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Feel empowered with our high quality and stylish clothing range. 

Key To Personal Power

Coaching Course


This course will provide guided coaching to develop personal power and sharpen key skills needed for personal development. This practical coaching course is delivered by experienced professionals with backgrounds in working one to one with individuals. If you want to feel like the master of yourself, and able to approach life in a much clearer, calmer and more purposeful manner this is the course for you. This course will consist of 4 x 45 minute sessions delivered online by one of our experts.

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Shop Our Magical Range Of Essential Oil Blends

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Essential oils are a true miracle of nature. For thousands of years ancient civilisations have reaped the benefits of these invigorating natural gifts by finding ways to use them to their advantage. The Egyptians used essential oils in their mummification process, In ancient India Maharaja's longed for the exquisite scents of the best essential oil blends for perfumery, In Japan, essential oils were part of a tranquilising aid to meditation practices. In modern times, essential oils have resurfaced as an aid to mindfulness. At Talking Wellbeing we understand the benefits that come with essential oils and have partnered with Elixir Attar an expert oil maker to produce an exclusive range of aromatherapy oil blends for our audience. 

Your Guide To The Zen Wellness


An essential read that has been inspired by the ancient zen teachings about personal development and mindfulness. This magazine features sections on Ikigai, The wisdom of Buddha, methods for finding purpose in life and a special feature section from mental health advocate and registered nurse Ruchi Kapoor. 

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Your Guide To The Zen Wellness


This course breaks down the path to self-mastery into simple easy to follow strategies. Inspired by ancient Zen wisdom, this is your opportunity to learn about the 5 hindrances that limit personal progress and the 7 steps to enlightenment that can help us to overcome our limits. 

This course is led by one of the Talking Wellbeing founders, James Boston with the option to take this course live or download the pre-recorded version and go through it at your own pace. 


Wellness Services


The wellbeing of individuals is in direct proportion to mental efficiency. The efficiency of individuals has an influence of the functionality of the workplace.  

Our workshops are built to empower the individuals within your workplace. Delivered by top professionals our workplace wellbeing services are pragmatic, engaging and target key area of wellness linked to performance and character development. 

* Workshops can be delivered online or in house. 


Womens Empowerment Series

Hosted by Anvita Jain

We have been proud to host a Womens Empowerment Series on the Talking Wellbeing platform. Hosted by Anvita Jain, this series has featured a series of live interviews with different influential South Asian Women. 


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Nikhwat Khan Marawat

Co-founder of The Delicate Mind C.I.C.


Ruchi Kapoor

Registered Nurse 

& Mental Health Advocate

" I was pleasantly surprised with my first session. After trying traditional therapy, I was hesitant to try life coaching. Pavan was very personable; it was easy talking to her, being a woman of color. I'm excited for the next session and the growth that is going to come with it"

Wellness Surveys

We are dedicated to providing quality products and services that benefit you.  Our wellness surveys help us to learn more about your wellbeing experiences so that we can improve our brand to give you more benefit. 

Therapy Session

"I took part in Talking Wellbeing's Key to Personal Power course over a period of 4 weeks, I found these sessions to be extremely informative, engaging and practical in their use as I have continued to apply them to my own practices, I would highly recommend these classes to all who are interested in furthering their own personal and spiritual wellbeing in a practical way! "