Godfrid Bosse

Co-founder of Talking Wellbeing

My name is Godfrid Bosse, Co-Director of Talking Wellbeing. My goal is to provide the community, with positive content that will change the mindsets and awareness for all to ultimately reach a higher consciousness within to help manifest ones true desires.

Since I was young I always knew there was more to life than the norms,  and that a change can always be done with will power backed behind the right idea. Life has endless possibilities, as I grew into the man I am today I had to go through a spiritual journey, that did have its light and dark moments.


I was able to see the world for what is truly is and decided to make a platform for all to share similar experiences judgement free, we have a duty to spread a global awareness to the community, we often sometimes view the world as we are alone with no one to open up to. TWB is here to make a change lets us this Platform to get our voices heard and bring power back into our community!!

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