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James Boston

Company Director


MA in Theology & Religion, BA Religion, Philosophy & Ethics, Professional Coaching Diploma

My name is James Boston, Co-Director of Talking Wellbeing.


I value refinement and believe that you should constantly refine yourself, no matter where you are currently at in life. This value is what guides me to improve my mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. Refinement can teach you a lot about yourself, and knowledge of self is what I believe to be the foundation of individual and community wellbeing.

We have founded Talking Wellbeing with the idea that there are limitless ways to enrich your wellbeing and this is what lies behind our diverse approach to creating content. There are many branches which bear the fruit of the tree and it all starts from a seed.

Godfrid bosse

company director


BS in Science, RN, Life Coach, Mentor

My name is Godfrid Bosse, Co-Director of Talking Wellbeing.


My goal is to provide the community, with positive content that will change the mindsets and awareness for all to ultimately reach a higher consciousness within to help manifest ones true desires.

Since I was young I always knew there was more to life than the norms,  and that a change can always be done with will power backed behind the right idea. Life has endless possibilities, as I grew into the man I am today I had to go through a spiritual journey, that did have its light and dark moments. I was able to see the world for what is truly is and decided to make a platform for all to share similar experiences judgement free, we have a duty to spread a global awareness to the community, we often sometimes view the world as we are alone with no one to open up to. TWB is here to make a change lets us this Platform to get our voices heard and bring power back into our community!!

Our values

Putting the power in your hands

Here at Talking Wellbeing we value self-empowerment and are dedicated to providing you with refined tangible strategies to achieve it. Have you ever lacked the belief that you can achieve your personal goals? Have you ever found yourself falling short of your potential and missing out on opportunities?


Our eclectic approach to wellbeing is sure to equip you with practicality and efficiency as you embark upon your 



At Talking Wellbeing we not only value diversity, but embrace it and incorporate it into our philosophy. We understand that wellbeing affects all of us, regardless of race, faith, or gender, we are all on a journey of refinement, and the successes of that journey are contingent upon positive lived wellbeing.

If you've ever felt isolated or unable to relate to advice that has been given, you won't have that issue here We pride ourselves on creating eclectic strategic wellbeing services that take influence from many traditions both modern and ancient. We have a unique style of combining modern psychology with ancient forms of mindfulness that speak to common humanitarian values. 





The wellbeing of others is important to us, because we value our own wellbeing. This common value united us and sparked our passion to create a platform which serves as a diverse digital wellbeing community.


We believe that Talking Wellbeing can establish a global culture that encourages you to feel safe when discussing wellbeing and nourishes healthy mutual understandings within all relationships.