Womens Empowerment Series

Hosted by Anvita Jain

We have been proud to host a Womens Empowerment Series on the Talking Wellbeing platform. Hosted by Anvita Jain, this series has featured a series of live interviews with different influential South Asian Women. 

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A Conversation About Motivation & Purpose

Episode 5 (Latest)

In this episode Anvita sat down with Ramya Rajagopal, CEO of Winning Women Unified for a conversation on motivation and purpose as part of Talking Wellbeing's #WomensEmpowermentSeries.


A Discussion About South Asian Women in Society

Episode 4

In this episode Anvita was joined by Jasdeep Mago a Counselor, Neuropsychologist and Co-founder of Invisible Illness India to discuss gender & cultural expectations for South Asian women, the impact of those on self-image, career, overcoming personal obstacles and how women can empower themselves in the face of gender inequities.

Career Empowerment, Passion & Purpose

Episode 3

In this episode Anvita was joined by Jumanah Fathima, trainee psychologist to discuss identifying with your career, finding your passion and purpose, work life integration and workplace wellbeing.

Self-Awareness & Self-Image

Episode 1 & 2

Anvita Jain and Ruchi Kapoor (a registered  Nurse and Mental Health Advocate) speak about self awareness and self image as well as sharing personal stories and overcoming the obstacles of everyday life.

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